Album: exit inside (2013)

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WL also referred to as John Woodson's Leg is based out of Wichita, KS.
As always the first thing asked is why the name? Well the truth is we want sex
time with your mouth. I mean everybody does it. We want our shot at it. So long story
short, our time has come.

Blake Morrell (Severall) - bass

Dustin Cates (Fist, Spy vs Spy, Company Kane/Tsavo, Brotherhood of The Sons of The Originals) - drums

HT Brown (Fist, Dry Spell, Severall) - guitar

James Barlow (Ohmz, Nursing Home Panty Raid, Seraphim) - guitar

Ricky Vannatta (Vas Odium, Antipas, Sanctus Infernum, AxX of Hate) - vocals

Formed in Pratt, KS at the young age of 2009. The band put out its first release
entitled "exit inside" in 2013. This album exploded on the backside of many unsuspecting
victims. Shine the Knob Magazine is boasted as saying "This is some damn fine Progressive,
Death, Thrash Metal but we can't deny the band draws from more than that". The album peaked
at triple 9 on the Billboard charts and shocked its contemporaries. The viola styling of
Howard Cary Jones (Wichita Symphony Orchestra, Antipas) can be heard on the tracks God &
Hematoma. Very few have ever returned from this album.

Well after continued non support from the naysayers. JWL released its second album "even
further" in 2017. It as well has already ruined countless lives. The addition of James Barlow
on guitar has proven itself a wise decision. If you wanted to go "even further" then you are
making a mistake!!!! Get in touch. Trades welcome. (316)992-6440